Michael J.

Seasoned Entrepreneur Business Fire starter

Michael Jannicelli created over 100 products, under 3 different brands that are still being sold in over 30 countries world wide, his brands currently influence youth across the globe. Featured in over 100 print publications, television talk shows, major motion pictures and national radio stations.

Michael Jannicelli – My Story

Bio & Career

Bliss Beverage Co-Founder

Michael Jannicelli created over 100 products, under 3 different brandsthat are still being sold in over 30 countries world wide, his brands currently influence youth across the globe. Featured in over 100 print publications, television talk shows, major motion pictures and national radio stations. Mike brings a dynamic background in consumer goods and entertainment space, “He can get a meeting with just about anyone.” A self-proclaimed business fire starter, he is a successful entrepreneur with several startups. Mike was co-founder and Vice President of Blissbeverage USA, a leading beverage beverage company……. and President co-founder of Socko International. It was the fastest growing privately held beverage company in the United States (Forbes magazine) and leading energy drink brand which owned and developed HOGAN ENERGY (with Hulk Hogan) and RAW ENERGY WWE all with the help of his partners and friends, Eric Bischoff andJason Hervey. where he developed extensive distribution across the US and international markets, including Wal-Mart, GNC, 7-ELeven, Tesco and Circle K. Mike J. is an Arizona State graduate and is passionate about sports, nutrition, building businesses and brands.

 Throwdown Industries Co-Founder 2003

Throwdown Industries, Inc., is a pioneer in Impact and Action Sports product development and an industry leader in Combat Sports innovation. Founded in 2003, when Mr. Jannicelli was graduating at Arizona State University, with its “DNA” in Mixed Martial Arts, the company is one of the leading brands in the multibillion- dollar Impact and Action Sports Market with a full portfolio of cages, racks, rings, performance gear and apparel. Throwdown’s products are designed with superior performance, innovation and authenticity to empower athletes and provide them with the competitive edge to prevail… ANYTIME ANYPLACE.™! Throwdown is currently available in over 15 countries for more information on Throwdown, please visit http://www.throwdown.com.

His love for creating brands and marketing extended into Hollywood, helping launch major motion pictures, associated product lines and raising capital. Recently Mike helped found Scottsdale Tennis Week bring tennis back to his hometown, with a national TV special airing nationwide on NBC Sports summer of 2019. https://scottsdaletennisweek.com

Lotus Management Co-Founder

In 2004, Michael created “THE HOTEL BAR & NIGHTCLUB,” Night Club Elevate and the SANDBAR Restaurant and Grill in Salt Lake City.

Giving Back & Passion Projects

Michael achieved an incredible amount of success and personal recognition both within the USA and International by the age of 26. To have people recognize and go crazy over his brands was an extreme amount of pressure and really gives all credit to the team around him, its never one person he says. To have achieved all of your goals and   was diagnosed with auto-immune diseases,  Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, and Psoriasis. In his early teens he understood the importance of helping others and promoting a positive message while always finding the positive in every situation. He enjoys being a role model and inspires others and he does this by speaking about his mistake. Mike believes his diseases has made him who he is today. In his search for finding products that help live comfortably with his diseases, he has discovered and started developing products that are both edgy and will benefit people with all kinds of chronic illness. 

“Michael took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”

By the Numbers

Companies Created


Products Created

Why Work With Me?

I bring so much passion and energy to every project I do along with 21 years of international Business experience. I am not someone who Just talks the talk, I  can walk the walk and my past success shows that. I have a very wide range of contacts from all over the world. I will help you side step many problems with your business because I have been through it all and have learned how to navigate through successfully. I have learned and worked side by side with some of the best and brightest. I have been exposed to so much diversity in business and everything that comes with international markets. Since I was 22 years old I have had to learn to deal with the stress and pressure from being in magazines and the press all of the time because of the people I was working with and the level of success at a very young age.

Qualifications & Awards

Being in early 20’s when I launched my companies I paved the way for energy drinks in the USA, Japan and Mexico. 


  • Arizona State University 2000-2004
  • Cherry Creek H.S 1999-2000
  • Regis jesuit H.S 1996-1998


  • I have 21 years of international business experience.
  • 2001 co-founder Bliss Beverage Socko Energy Drink
  • 2003 co-founder Throwdown Fightgear
  • Co-Founder Lotus Management Owned Operated Sandbar Scottsdale, Salt Lake City, The Hotel Night Club SLC, Club Elevate SLC
  • Daily Dose Energy Products Circle Private Label, Energy Drinks, Soda Fountain Products, 2oz shots, Stick Packs and Gum and Mints
  • Worked with numerous brands from startups and was instrumental in them becoming and saw them grow an that are now very Successful


  • 2006 Forbes magazine named Bliss Beverage as the fasted growing beverage company, I was the youngest ever to run a beverage company, named Vice President of Bliss Beverage USA and President of Socko International
  • Gained national distribution through Wal-Mart, GNC, Dr. Pepper 7-Up
  • Co-branded beverages with Hulk Hogan for Wal-Mart and Japan
  • Co-branded beverages with one of the worlds most recognizable brands and successfull, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
  • Was the first person to bring “Stick pack” packaging from Japan to the USA for beverages
  • First Energy Drink Company to launch a line of 2oz shots next to 5 hour energy
  • First 16oz Energy drink gain distribution in Japan and was only second to Redbull opening the Mexico Energy Drink Market Based in Cabo San Lucas



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Scottsdale AZ, Denver Co, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico