Michael Jannicelli

Business fire starter

Michael Jannicelli has created well over 100 products under three different brands, many are still being sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

-His brands currently influence youth and adults across the globe. He was featured in over 100 print publications, multiple television talk shows, major motion pictures, and national and international radio stations.

-Michael brings a dynamic background that others simply do not, specializing in consumer goods and the entertainment space, “He can get a meeting with just about anyone, and everyone knows it,” says former partner Jordan.”

-An international business fire starter, he is a highly successful entrepreneur with his success before the age of 27 with several startups. 

Coaching Services

Using my techniques and tapping into my knowledge, we will Successfully smash through your current business obstacles, get you unstuck with your business ideas.
-But most importantly, I will prepare you and show you how to navigate through future business issues that no class or book can prepare you.
I make you a better businessperson by giving you the tools and knowledge that books and the school cannot provide you.

Co-founded Companies 

“Michael took my idea and helped me turn it a product on shelf Now I have a successful business in all 50 states! He gave me the confidence and guidance I was missing!”

Michael hired me when I was coming out of college. The knowledge and skill I learned was nothing I could have learned in my business classes or any book.  Working side-by-side with him and seeing how he handled obstacles in business is what built the base for my future career. He has helped me create my successful international brand, and at 40 years old, I sold my company and financially retired. I would have never been able to accomplish that without learning from Michael. He is amazing!


CEO, Dose Products

I never believed it was possible to run my own busienss. Michael gave me the confidence and skills needed to turn my idea for a product into something that millions enjoy today. I was lost and had no clue the steps I needed to take to turn my idea for the product into something real that others would love and want to buy!


CEO, Monarch Inc.

Business News & Resources

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